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“MINE for facebook” looks like a Windows 8 store Facebook client with a lot of potential.

Screenshot (7)

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MINE for facebook” is a new Facebook client that can be found in the Windows 8 store. It seems to do everything right at first sight and above all, it has really great looks.

At first glance, I noticed it can run as a background app with notifications to the lock screen, it can show the full news feed as well as customizable feeds, the personal profile, notifications, friend lists, groups and events. It registers itself as a sharing target, so text or pictures can easily be uploaded to Facebook without ever leaving the new Windows UI. The search charm works as well, implementing the regular Facebook search page.

This app looks VERY promising and certainly gets a top position on my Windows tablet. Thanks, Marvin Apps!

My favorite productivity tool “PureText” is back with a version 3 that now runs perfectly under Windows 8.

PureText is a small tool that adds the shortcut key Win+V to paste any text in the clipboard without ANY formatting. I have used it for years but it stopped working in Windows 8.

The just released version 3 fixes that and even adds a 64bit version.


Head over to http://www.stevemiller.net/puretext/ to download the newest release.

Thanks a ton, Steven!

After using it for some time, I have finally registered Sublime Text 2.

I finally got around to register my copy of Subilme Text 2 today, my favorite Notepad replacement / plain text editor for all kind of code and markup.

Check their homepage on http://www.sublimetext.com/ for a demo of some of its amazing features like using multiple selections to rename variables quickly or making batch edits with multiple selections.

Also worth a look: the Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation

I really love this handy editor.

WinMoSquare: Foursquare client for Windows Mobile now in Beta (via artificial ignorance)


The app is only available for touch screen Windows phones today. The .NET Compact Framework v3.5 is a pre-requisite for you to be able to run the application on the phone. You’d also need a phone that runs either Windows Mobile 6.1 or a Windows Mobile 6.5.

HTC HD2 – I finally found a stable ROM (1.55.405.2 (76641) WWE & Radio Stack ( combo!

These have been running without a reboot for almost a week now including many phone calls made – where before I had to soft-reset the device almost daily. An important part of the upgrade from what I learned from hte XDA-Developers forums is a factory reset after applying all the ROM updates and booting for the first time.

This entirely wipes the memory regions that were not affected by the ROM upgrade and that may still hold old, now invalid data.

Both the ROM and the Radio stack can be downloaded from HTC’s support site at http://www.htc.com/europe/supportdownloadlist.aspx?p_id=297&act=sd&cat=all.

Evernote very excited about iPad.

Evernote is going to support the Apple iPad. Oh Yeah. We’re gonna
support the hell out of it. We’re glad to see that the current Evernote iPhone
app will run on the iPad without modification, but we’ll be modifying it anyway
to optimize the experience on the larger device. Oh how we’ll be modifying it!
Expect rapid improvements to our iPhone app which will benefit all of our
iPhone, iPod Touch and, now, iPad users in the near future.

I heart Evernote and I am puzzled how positively they welcome the iPad. And no, I will not build – even less share a meaning on this device before I had a chance to try one.