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@omenzi Gourmesse ist liebevoll gemacht.. Hunger und Geld mitbringen :)


@omenzi #Gourmesse ist liebevoll gemacht.. Hunger und Geld mitbringen :)

Using Indexed colors to properly scale screenshot to 300dpi in Photoshop.

tried to output a screenshot at 300dpi? It can sure be a challenge
to make a software product look appealing when the screenshot looks
so fuzzy. With the following technique, you can maintain the integrity
of your screenshot- enough for 300dpi brochures or even billboard
displays. Here’s how…

Good to know.

Die Bilder-Blog-Parade “Dieses Bild…” von @leumund


Hier mein Beitrag zur Blogparade von Leu.

Dieses Bild – unbearbeitet – zeigt eine Wolkenformation an einem Sonntag in Lenzburg, die mir wohl ein Leben lang in Erinnerung bleiben wird.“

Awesome geek-friendly menu in restaurant makes me smile


Now this is a geek-friendly restaurant! You get today’s menu, the WLAN login and password, which by the way happens to be “beer”.

The sad bit is that I found no open access point that would let me log in, but hey, the spirit counts! :)