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Surface Pro in Switzerland – Availability Date and Price announced.

Via: http://www.microsoft.com/switzerland/mediacorner/de/PressRelease.aspx?title=Surface_Pro_kommt_in_die_Schweiz___&id=8ea440d0-c945-446e-b359-062882c09fe7

Surface Pro will be available in Switzerland on May 30th, priced as follows:

  64 GB Surface Pro:   CHF 959.-
128 GB Surface Pro:   CHF 1‘059.-

The following accessories will be available at launch:

• Touch Cover at CHF 130.- (recommended retail price)

• Type Cover at CHF 140.- (recommended retail price)

• Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition at CHF 79.90 (recommended retail price)

Surface Pro coming to Switzerland before the end of May

Surface Pro will launch before the end of May in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Surface Pro will launch in Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand before the end of June.Surface Pro is currently available in the U.S., Canada, and China.

via Expanding Surface Pro and Surface RT Availability.

This is great news!

Microsoft Perceptive Pixel 55” LCD Multi-Touch Display Hands-On

I had the chance to try the Microsoft Perceptive Pixel 55” LCD Multi-Touch Display first hand at the Institute for Computer Science of the University of Zurich.

This is by far the best touch screen I have ever seen. Its slightly matte display with over 100 simultaneous touch points that are measured at 120 frames/sec makes touch manipulation extremely precise.


These two displays have been mounted on custom built legs and are running the Windows 8 start screen at the display’s native 1920 * 1080 HD resolution.


Touch-Manipulation visualization.


Automatic detection of palm and fingers including orientation allows for filtering out palm input in apps, allowing the user to lean on the table without accidentally generating unwanted touch input.



The display features 2 HDMI inputs and an Ethernet connector. It is connected to a PC via USB cable and special drivers provided by Perceptive Pixel.


The unit tested was connected to a custom-built shuttle PC sporting a graphics card that can generate the supported 120 frames/sec.


Interesting fact: The table registers touch points even on the bezel, beyond the visible screen. This could be used for “hidden” functions/menus in apps. The feature is called “Overscan Area”.

Here are the technical specs for the unit tested:

  • Optically bonded LCD touch display
  • Projected capacitive technology
  • Unlimited touch points
  • Bezel-less, full glass front
  • Sub-millimeter touch precision
  • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
  • Built-in color correction
  • Near-zero parallax
  • Ultra-low latency touch response
  • Active stylus support
  • 120 Hz frame rate for display and touch sensor
  • Overscan area
  • Integrates with conference room control systems

The new game rig is finally up and running.

It consists of two Alienware X51 systems, featuring the new Nvidia GTX 660 graphics cards and finally running only on SSD drives. Very nice performance.


I also like the Microsoft Sidewinder keyboards which I used to replace the Logitech G15 & G19 keyboards.I wonder why they were never made with Swiss German keyboard layout. The mice are the highly configurable Cyborg R.A.T. Contagion models.