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Dungeons & Dragons assistant video demo on Microsoft Surface

A team at Carnegie Mellon University created “Surfacescapes”, a
Dungeons & Dragons assistant running on Microsoft Surface.

They have a project site at. http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/surfacescapes/index.html

I remember many nights playing D&D (or the German DSA) and I thought
my character sheet and d20 dice app on a Tablet PC was high-tech. :)

WoW: Epythia likes her new Sunreaver Dragonhawk.


Eypthia’s new ride, a Sunreaver Dragonhawk. Very stylish, I think, and perfectly suits my little death knight.

Wow: The demise of Anub’arak. Not as tough as I thought…!


While the guild managed to down him last week already, today was my first. Got myself a token for the T9 shoulders. Yay!

Deadly marketing: People in WoW use corpses to spell out URLs of gold-selling sites.


I’ve heard of this before, but seeing it on my server, “Kult der Verdammten”, Europe, is a whole different thing…

WoW: Victory over XT002 Deconstructor in 25 man hard mode. Very tough!

Finally! The 25 man hard modes in Ulduar really deserve their name.Even with the whole raid fully Ulduar-equipped, we hardly managed to get the DPS needed to kill the Deconstructor in time.


#WoW Victory at the new “Twin Val’kyr” bosses in “Trial of the Crusader”, 25 man.

After the 10 faction champions put up quite a fight last week in the 25 man “Trial of the Crusader” – nearly 3 hours of whiping, our guild managed to win over the newly introduced “Twin Val’kyr” after only one failed attempt. A very nicely done, yet also quite simple fight as I would say.

Image by WoWGirl.