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Kindle software update: adds battery life, PDF reader and horizontal reading support.

The Kindle platform is getting updated! Very good. The enhanced features include:


•  Longer Battery Life: Now read for up to 1 week on a single charge with wireless on, a significant improvement from the previous battery life of 4 days.

•  Built-in PDF Reader: Your Kindle can now display PDF documents natively. Native PDF support allows you to carry and read all of your personal and professional documents on the go.

•  Adjustable Screen Rotation: The Kindle screen can now manually rotate between portrait and landscape views.


Nothing to do on the device, the update is pushed down automatically via Whispernet.

Monster-Mashup Surface demo video from #PDC09. Crazy!

A great demo that shows Surface-/Object-Interaction using fiber optics to display parts of the Surface UI on top of an object placed ON the Surface.

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/surface/archive/2009/11/19/surface-monster-mashup-and-real-world-objects.aspx

Interesting concept on mobile device & cloud service use in 2015.


I especially like the e-Memory aspect of the video. Ask the device about a place you visited a while back with friends and the cloud services intelligently search your various online data stores – your e-Memory to – to help remembering the restaurant’s name.

Mobile Tweeting Device Debuts – No Contracts / Activation Fees – InternetNews.com

The new TwitterPeek device.
Click to enlarge.

Promising “unlimited Tweeting
anywhere, anytime, no contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees,” the
TwitterPeek is available today for the hard-core mobile, microblogging masses.

Interesting concept – especially with the “no SIM / contracts” policy.

Although the article later puts this in a slightly different light: ยจ

“The mobile device sells for either $99 or $199. If customers pay the higher price, they can access Twitter through Peek’s mobile network for free for the life of the device. If they pay $99, they get six months of Peek service, and after that, must pay $7.95 per month for network access. Both price points offer unlimited Tweeting.”

So the “unlimited Tweeting” has a price tag – 100$. Still an interesting concept following the Amazon Kindle’s “Whispernet”.

Huge Linux based Surface style system being set up at Technorama.

I saw this very impressive system being set up yesterday night at Technorama, a (multi?)-touch based Surface style computer that I was told is running Linux. The pictures I snapped show the calibration process.

Kindle has arrived. Box presentation and first-time device experience totally knock me out!

As a gadget freak I must admit I am pretty used to unboxing, from everyday things to the Surface Computer Unboxing.

Once in a while there is this box and device presentation that is absolutely awesome, like the Kindle that arrived at my door yesterday.

The box at first looks very low-key, cardboard and plain, black color. But at the second glance, you find lovely details like the special barcode and the tab labled “Once upon a time…” that you have to pull to open the box.

Inside, the Kindle greets you already completely pre-configured with your Amazon account and a personal letter to you, welcoming you to your new device and kindly asking for your feedback on your experience with it.

Reading on the Kindle is similar to the Sony PRS-505, the screen is smaller due to the keyboard but I find the Kindle’s fonts generally more readable.

The keys are well placed but sometimes need two presses before they react. The built-in thesaurus is very nice, use the D-Stick to mark a word and a definition appears instantly. The built in, SIM-less “Whispernet” GSM works as advertised, instant access to your Amazon.com bookstore account including book recommendations. Buying a book is a “1-click” action and downloading it happens in the background in less than a minute.

Android’s Spread Could Become a Problem – BusinessWeek

As more handset makers adopt Android, there’s a danger of multiple versions of
the operating system. Software developers may have to build several iterations
of a single app

“In the past, developers who wanted to write for such systems as Java and mobile Linux had to create dozens of iterations of a single app if they wanted it adopted widely.”

“If carriers and handset makers try to make their Android products too unique, developers will have to tweak [splinter] their apps to work on these devices, and that would make application development for all Android gadgets more expensive and time-consuming.”

This would indeed be a bad hit for the promisin Android platform from a developer’s perspective…

Amazon.com: 6″ Kindle reader available internationally! Finally!! (Yay!)


Incredible but true! It looks like the pressure from the competition has risen high enough to make Amazon go global with their Kindle reader.

Even though I already happily use a Sony PRS-505 reader, I will go Kindle, simply due to the massive amount of books available for this platform.