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Sony’s Windows 8 devices just announced at IFA

2 very interesting Windows 8 optimized devices were just announced by SONY at IFA. Nice!

The VAIO Tap20, a 20 inch touch “All-In-One” that converts from standing to flat for optimized touch use:


And the VAIO Duo 11, a stylish convertible Notebook/Slate device.


The size of the body makes me think it’s probably going to be Intel-based.

Pretty cool. Bring a 1 meter tower of books to Sony during IFA and get a free Sony Reader PRS-T2

Seen over on http://t3n.de

The first 100 visitors to get a 1 meter tower of their old books to the Sony store on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin on Thursday at 7pm will get it switched for a new Sony Reader PRS-T2.

Pretty cool… Sad it’s just going down in Berlin.

Sony Reader PRS T2

The buzz is on! – Windows Phone 7 Series Information Center – #WP7

Here are a collection of higher resolution screenshots that Microsoft have released.

Windows Phone 7 Home


Windows Phone 7 People


Windows Phone 7 Games


Windows Phone 7 Music


Windows Phone 7 Pictures



Windows Phone 7 Me



Windows Phone 7 Search



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I love the buzz, Windows Phone 7 series is generating! Already there is an independent site “Windows Phone 7 Series Information Center” that is constantly updating on the new platform – including some spectacular rumors :)

WinMoSquare: Foursquare client for Windows Mobile now in Beta (via artificial ignorance)


The app is only available for touch screen Windows phones today. The .NET Compact Framework v3.5 is a pre-requisite for you to be able to run the application on the phone. You’d also need a phone that runs either Windows Mobile 6.1 or a Windows Mobile 6.5.

Swiss Researches make Robots evolve to learn cooperation, hunting. (CNET). So beware of hunters on your next trip here!

A predator robot, right, faces a prey robot, left.

(Credit: Dario Floreano & Laurent Keller)


If robots are allowed to evolve through natural selection, they will develop adaptive abilities to hunt prey, cooperate, and even help one another, according to Swiss researchers.


HTC HD2 – I finally found a stable ROM (1.55.405.2 (76641) WWE & Radio Stack ( combo!

These have been running without a reboot for almost a week now including many phone calls made – where before I had to soft-reset the device almost daily. An important part of the upgrade from what I learned from hte XDA-Developers forums is a factory reset after applying all the ROM updates and booting for the first time.

This entirely wipes the memory regions that were not affected by the ROM upgrade and that may still hold old, now invalid data.

Both the ROM and the Radio stack can be downloaded from HTC’s support site at http://www.htc.com/europe/supportdownloadlist.aspx?p_id=297&act=sd&cat=all.

HTC HD2 – ROM Upgrade (WWE:1.66.412.1). Installing now…!

ROM Upgrade
for HTC HD2

Release Date: 2010-01-25    
Category: ROM

An updated ROM is now available for HTC
HD2 users to download. As always, HTC is committed to providing customers with
the best possible mobile experience.

Installation Instructions:

ROM Version:


This MUST fix my daily reboot problems… It simply has to!