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Windows Phone content at MIX2010 officially announced on the MIX site.

Windows Phone at MIX10!

Yes, at MIX10 you’ll learn about developing applications and games for the next generation of Windows Phone. Yes, we’ll have Phone sessions, and we can’t say more…yet. Stay tuned and check back often or join the MIX mailing list.  

VERY nice! Thank you, Mix!

First two “Silverlight 4 & WCF RIA Services LOB App” Hands-On Lab classes full, third opened.

I just finished writing the currently 101 pages hands-on lab manual for our “Creating a line-of-business application using Silverlight 4 and the new .NET WCF RIA Services framework” lab coming up next week. Our two dates for the event, Thursday, January 14 and Friday, January 15 morning are already fully booked, so we opened a new, third date, Friday January 15 in the afternoon.   Writing these labs is absolutely great, but a lot of work as we do it all from scratch. So seeing many participants signing up is really good.   If you want to attend for free, visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/de-ch/aa570302.aspx?EventID=1032382649. It’s going to take place in Wallisellen.


The entire lab manual will also be available for download after the event, in case you are interested but can’t attend.



This is what the final app will look like, including printing and Excel integration.

Microsoft MIX10 has Open Call for Content for everyone to participate!

Do you have a session idea and would like to present it at MIX10? We invite you
to submit your ideas on topics that explore design, web development or business
around building innovative web sites. While it is not required to address
Microsoft-specific technologies, entries should consider interoperability. Join
the dialogue and share your inspiration and expertise as we build The Next Web

I am very much looking forward to this conference that will be a huge thing for everybody doing web- and Windows phone development (as announced at the day 2 keynote of PDC2009 in Los Angeles).

This open call for content will add some interesting sessions to the Mix-session-mix, I am convinced!

Get the scripts to download PDC2009 Session recordings & Slides!

The http://bit.ly/pdc09scripts will download the PDC2009 sessions for you, the only thing you need to provide is enough disk space, some time and a working copy of CURL (http://curl.haxx.se)

No installation of CURL is required, simply copy the curl.exe and PDC09Downloader.bat into one empty folder and run the batch file using one of the parameters “wmvhigh”, “wmv”, “mp4” or “pptx”.

The second script, PDC09Renamer.bat can then be run to rename the “cryptic” session keys used for filenames into the session’s title. Alternatively, the contents of PDC09Renamer.bat can be used to look up sessions by name and find the corresponding files…

Now the only thing to find is hours and hours of time to watch all this great content!

SHAPE 09 conference sessions now online as videos and slides.

The sessions from the SHAPE 09 Conference for web developers, designers and hosters are online now on:


You can watch the session recordings and download the slide decks and demos.


SHAPE – The Swiss Web Conference, October 27, 2009, Swissôtel Zürich, Registration live!

For the second time we will be hosting the Swiss web conference "Shape" this year, offering one day with three tracks for developers, designers and web hosters.


Learn what’s new in Silverlight 3, find out everything about cloud computing and Windows Azure, or get an insight into Blend from a designers perspective. I will be talking about “ASP.NET 4 and Internet Explorer 8 for web developers”.


One of the highlights will be the "Best of Swiss Silverlight" award that will be given to innovative, Swiss Silverlight solutions.

To have a closer look at the agenda or to register visit: http://www.microsoft.ch/shape