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Some nice facts on how Windows Phone 8.1 handles files.

One of the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 is sharing, very much like the share charm in Windows 8, and the new file picker.

The share contract allows apps to share freely with no limitations on the content type. Text, links, HTML, images, files, or even custom file types.

The new file picker goes a step further. Apps can use it to open and save files in the phone’s storage, SD card, or OneDrive.

If an app wants to load pictures, the user will be presented with the photos app. But if you need to get to a photo in another location (like your SD card or OneDrive), you can select ‘Choose location’ on the Photos app’s app bar and access the file picker.

A very nice twist: custom apps can be file providers too and allow their files/data to be accessed by the user using other apps.

This works in both Windows Runtime apps (i.e. Universal Apps) and Silverlight 8.1 apps.

To learn more on the topic, have a look at The Build 2014 session: “Contracts and Pickers: Building Apps that Work Together on Windows”

Also, Internet Explorer 11 now allows to download/save files when tapping on a link on a webpage.


You can then immediately access the downloaded file using IE:


…or you can connect your phone to your computer, access it’s folders and find a new subfolder “Downloads” containing the downloaded files.


Also, the newly available “Field Medic” App, a premier diagnostic application for Windows Phone that allows easy collection of device information and ETW logs right from your device, adds its own, user accessible folder where collected logs are stored.


Very nice, indeed!

Technical Evangelist MACH role available at Microsoft Switzerland!

There is a job opening at Microsoft Switzerland in my team – right now. Beware, you will be working with me! (;

It’s a Technical Evangelist role with focus on App/Game Development. The opening is looking explicitly for a MACH candidate (Microsoft Academy for College Hires).

In the Microsoft Academy for College Hires MACH, we have customized experiences to help you start strong at Microsoft, build your global network, and drive your career. Our two year program (while being fully paid) is focused on ensuring that you receive the professional development early to help you accelerate your impact in role and that you have the tools and knowledge to steer your long term career.
In order to qualify for the MACH program and this role you will need to have a bachelor or master degree and no more than 3 years of working experience.

The overall goal of a Technical Evangelist is to share his passion for the newest development technologies and stimulate the local developer community in embracing these technologies. By giving inspiring speeches in front of technical audiences, working with technical communities and leveraging social media channels effectively. This job focuses on the evangelization of the technologies to implement Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Store Apps (XAML/C#, HTML/Javascript/CSS).

Within this area, you will be responsible for:

  • Talking at events in front of a technical audience (Developers).
  • Writing educational sample code and prototypes.
  • Liaising with communities and user groups.
  • Writing technical articles and short texts that will be included in our channel communication (newsletters, blogs, Facebook page, Twitter,…).
  • Staying socially connected with the target audience to stay on top of market trends.
  • Inspiring the local game developer community, to help them understand the benefits of the Windows Platform, and supporting them with its adoption.

Some people still frown at the term “evangelist” but I suggest having a look at the Wikipedia page to learn about its origins. Also, Thomas Lewis, technical evangelist for over 12 years at Microsoft, wrote an interesting piece on “8 Tips To Become a Microsoft Technical Evangelist”.

The job listing can be found here: https://careers.microsoft.com/jobdetails.aspx?ss=&pg=0&so=&rw=1&jid=119073&jlang=en&pp=ss

For more information on the MACH program, have a look at: http://careers.microsoft.com/careers/de/ch/graduate.aspx

Any Developer can now unlock and register 1 Windows Phone to side-load up to 2 Apps for free.

This is amazing news! With the recent announcement of the beta of the new app development tool, the Windows Phone App Studio that can help you create your app without coding, we are now offering every developer the possibility to unlock and register 1 phone to side-load up to 2 apps. Registered developers with Dev Center accounts continue to have the option to unlock up to 3 phones and upload up to 10 apps on each.

This means that it is now possible to develop and deploy your own software for testing on real phone hardware without paying for a Windows Phone Dev Center account.


Want to develop your apps using the full development tools or edit the projects you have generated online with the Windows Phone App Studio? No problem! The full developer tools are free for download, just grab the “Windows Phone 8.0 SDK” from http://dev.windowsphone.com/en-us/downloadsdk

Only if you want to publish your app to the store however, you will need the full account. But thanks to the  $19 “Summer Break” limited-time Dev Center registration offer (through August 26, 2013). With this offer, the annual Dev Center registration is just $19 (or equivalent local currency). See official terms for more details.

Join @Joelcitizen in an Unplugged Session: Are You a Citizen Developer?

This Friday, March 22 from 3:00 – 3:30pm Joelcitizen is hosting his new new Unplugged series. In this first open-mic, open-chat session he will discuss The Citizen Developer Trend and Impact on Social Good.

This is a great opportunity to unplug from your work for 30 mins (or less) and chat, in a totally casual way, with other peers about trending topics. Joel will have guests from time to time. Want to be a guest? let him know. (@Joelcitizen)

You can register here if you wish aka.ms/openmic but you don’t have to… simply remember to join at 3pm and use this link to get directly to the session.

So if you are one of these… Join the conversation.

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Policy Wonks
  • Data Analysts
  • Citizens
  • Idealizers