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Building a working QR Code from Lego Bricks.

During a recent holiday I had the idea of creating a working QR code from Lego bricks. This is how it turned out:

Lego QR 12

The Making of:

First, I created a URL QR code for my domain, http://corti.com on http://qrcode.kaywa.com/.

Lego QR 0

The next step was to port the black blocks to a grid – I used Excel for the task.

Lego QR 1

Next, I split the black areas into the largest possible Lego bricks available. The result looks as follows with the various colors representing different kinds of Lego bricks.

Lego QR 2

With the resulting number of required bricks, I headed over to Lego’s Pick a Brick and ordered the required amount of the flattest possible bricks called “plates”.

After a week I had all the parts I needed.

Lego QR 4

Lego QR 3

Putting everything together in the next pictures.

Lego QR 5

Lego QR 6

Lego QR 8

Lego QR 9

Lego QR 10

The last step was getting a fitting picture frame from Ikea.

Lego QR 11

And yes, I am missing one “pixel” which I will add as soon as I get my hands on another black 1*1 plate… :) The QR code still works thanks to error correction.