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Giving Tweetie 2 for iPhone a try. Not sure, if it will replace my favorite “SimplyTweet”

The overall best iPhone Twitter app, Tweetie, is about to seriously leapfrog everybody else with version 2, with everything you could want—offline reading—and way, way more.

It looks like Tweetie2 offers very much, including my beloved push notifications. I am however not sure if it will replace SimplyTweet for me, as I really like SimpleTweet’s Posterous integration for photo posting. Very much.

Integration spotlight: JotNot for iPhone « Evernote Blogcast

for iPhone
is a nifty app that corrects your less-than-perfect photos and
sends them into Evernote. Whether you’ve taken a snapshot of a business card at
a wacky angle, a photos of a whiteboard under poor lighting conditions, or an
off-kilter receipt, JotNot will magically fix contrast and let you correct the
angles—turning your snapshot into a straightened, cleaner version of its former
self. It’s like turning your iPhone camera into a scanner.

Just what I was missing for “on the road” receipt scanning!

Thanks for the hint, @Printzessin!

Sony eBook Library 3.0 on Mac: Doesn’t Support Adobe Digital Editions, May Be Worse Than Ever | Chamber Four

Sony eBook Library 3.0 on Mac: Doesn’t Support Adobe Digital Editions, May Be Worse Than Ever

Even though Adobe Digital Editions can be made working with a few tricks, this new eBook Library 3.0 software is unusable both on the Mac and on Windows.

I do like the Sony PRS 505 eBook reader, but a usable desktop companion software and a few more titles available as eBooks would really give this technology a very much needed boost.

In today’s state this is only suitable for techies willing to spend much time getting usable materials onto the reader. Very bad.

I will have a look at the calibre OSS eBook management software (http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/), but I am really not eager to try yet another software.

Very useful Wiki listing Snow Leopard application compatibilty.


 I wish, Snow Leopard was more backwards compatible out of the box, but this list just helped me a great deal setting up a new 17inch MacBook pro from scratch.

Using #LiveMesh to sync #1Password keychain.

I used to use the mobileMe keychain synchronization feature to keep 1Password keychains in sync across multiple Macs. After switching to the new “Agile Keychain”, that feature no longer worked.

I am now using Live Mesh to do the syncing – I simply created a new folder in Live Mesh that I sync on my Macs. I then tell 1Password to move the converted keychain in agile format to this locally synchronized folder.

Even with 1Password open on 2 systems, I can edit entries on one and see the changes near-real-time on the other.

Now I only hope that the Live Mesh client for Mac OS goes out of beta as soon as possible. Live Mesh is a great service!