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Evernote very excited about iPad.

Evernote is going to support the Apple iPad. Oh Yeah. We’re gonna
support the hell out of it. We’re glad to see that the current Evernote iPhone
app will run on the iPad without modification, but we’ll be modifying it anyway
to optimize the experience on the larger device. Oh how we’ll be modifying it!
Expect rapid improvements to our iPhone app which will benefit all of our
iPhone, iPod Touch and, now, iPad users in the near future.

I heart Evernote and I am puzzled how positively they welcome the iPad. And no, I will not build – even less share a meaning on this device before I had a chance to try one.

How to fix Mac OS X Snow Leopard when it stops synchronizing with a hosted Exchange email account.

If you are synchronizing your Exchange 2007 Acocunt with your Mac OS X Snow Leopard system’s Mail, Calendar and Address Book apps, you can run into the problem that synchronization stops working because your hosted Exchange provider has moved the Exchange Web Services from one server to another. This can happen when Exchange is upgraded, for example and normally does not affect mail delivery in the case of Outlook or Entourage as mail clients, because they run Exchange AutoDiscover on launch to verify the URLs used are up-to-date. This mechanism actually adds a lot of flexibility to hosting email services.


Unfortunately, Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s built in email client does not run AutoDiscover except on account creation. So the easiest fix is to delete and re-create your email account, but that’s sort of a crude approach, triggering a re-synchronization of the entire mail account which can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming.


Here is a guide how to manually find and update the server name of the Exchange Web Services server that your hosted Exchange account is using in your Mac’s Mail app.


First navigate to https://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com/, a site that allows you to manually run AutoDiscover against your Exchange account.


Select “Outlook AutoDiscover” from the first page and click on “Next”.




On the next page, enter your email account information. The password is needed as Exchange servers require user authentication in order to perform AutoDiscover. Should the test fail because the server doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate, select “Ignore Trust for SSL”.




If the test succeeds, expand the “Test Details” section of the test results page and locate the returned AutoDiscover XML file.


Additional Details

AutoDiscover Account Settings

XML Response

<?xml version=”1.0″?>





Find the <EwsUrl> tag and note the Exchange Web Services server name. Note that this may be a completely different server than you are using to access Exchange via IMAP and SMTP.


Now open the Mail App and configure your account, adding the server name under “Internal Server” and “External Server” which should be the same if you are not connecting to an Exchange server in an Intranet/Domain.


Then open the Address Book app and do the same in the “Server Settings” tab of the “Accounts”-section of its preferences. You can also verify the “Server Path”s against the response from AutoDiscover.


Finally open the Calendar application and again, in the “Server Settings” tab of the “Accounts”-section of its preferences, update the Server names and verify the Server paths.


Restart all Mail, Calendar and Address Book and verify that they connect to your Exchange account again.

Apple store is ultra pessimistic. Tells me stuff sent out Nov 24 will ship on Jan 7, next year…



I didn’t know, computers could be SO pessimistic!

Let’s see, when this item will actually arrive.

Another iPhone worm, Botnet style – CNET News

The worm “uses command-and-control, like a traditional PC botnet,” Sophos wrote
in a blog post on Saturday to warn users about the exploit. “It configures two
startup scripts, one to execute the worm on boot-up, and the other to create a
connection to a Lithuanian server to upload stolen data and cede control to the
bot master.

Ouch. Jailbroken iPhones & iPod Touches get a botnet-style worm that uploads user’s data, while at it. DO change that root password of jailbroken devices!

Foursqare now covers Zurich! I’m in for the test!


The goal of http://foursquare.com is for people to check in to places they visit and leave hints for other people/friends that are nearby. This can come in handy if we – once again – spontaneously look for a new restaurant to try before going to the cinema.

If you want to add me to your network: http://foursquare.com/user/techpreacher

Is Apple Trying to Kill Hackintosh Netbooks? – Gizmodo

Coders have confirmed that the developer build of Snow Leopard 10.6.2 nixes support for netbook Atom processors. Nothing’s final yet, of course, but given Apple’s lame fight with Palm over iTunes compatibility, are hackintosh netbooks next in the firing line?

I wonder what is worse. Loosing some hardware sales to people going through the hassle of installing Mac OS on a netbook or loosing potential future customers by pissing them off…

Apple introduces first home server. My guts tell me: Dying Time capsule trouble all over again?

Dubbed the “Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server,” the new device is essentially a
$799 Mac mini with two 500GB hard drives squeezed into the petite case, compared
to the one 320GB drive in the stand-alone mini.

While this sounds nice, I am not sure if Apple didn’t miss a lession it could have got from their time capsules. A flat device including a harddisk that runs at a very hot temperature, in my oppinion the recepie for hardware problems. The net is filled with reports of failing time capsules, there even is a site called “time capsule memorial” (http://timecapsuledead.org/)

Maybe I am wrong and the mini handles the heat well, but my gut tells me that cramming disks into the mini could lead to very similar issues.

Giving Tweetie 2 for iPhone a try. Not sure, if it will replace my favorite “SimplyTweet”

The overall best iPhone Twitter app, Tweetie, is about to seriously leapfrog everybody else with version 2, with everything you could want—offline reading—and way, way more.

It looks like Tweetie2 offers very much, including my beloved push notifications. I am however not sure if it will replace SimplyTweet for me, as I really like SimpleTweet’s Posterous integration for photo posting. Very much.

Integration spotlight: JotNot for iPhone « Evernote Blogcast

for iPhone
is a nifty app that corrects your less-than-perfect photos and
sends them into Evernote. Whether you’ve taken a snapshot of a business card at
a wacky angle, a photos of a whiteboard under poor lighting conditions, or an
off-kilter receipt, JotNot will magically fix contrast and let you correct the
angles—turning your snapshot into a straightened, cleaner version of its former
self. It’s like turning your iPhone camera into a scanner.

Just what I was missing for “on the road” receipt scanning!

Thanks for the hint, @Printzessin!

Sony eBook Library 3.0 on Mac: Doesn’t Support Adobe Digital Editions, May Be Worse Than Ever | Chamber Four

Sony eBook Library 3.0 on Mac: Doesn’t Support Adobe Digital Editions, May Be Worse Than Ever

Even though Adobe Digital Editions can be made working with a few tricks, this new eBook Library 3.0 software is unusable both on the Mac and on Windows.

I do like the Sony PRS 505 eBook reader, but a usable desktop companion software and a few more titles available as eBooks would really give this technology a very much needed boost.

In today’s state this is only suitable for techies willing to spend much time getting usable materials onto the reader. Very bad.

I will have a look at the calibre OSS eBook management software (http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/), but I am really not eager to try yet another software.