Zombies!!! Or my journey into the next generation of the social board game.

I have been a long time fan of the board game Zombies!!! where players have to escape a Zombie infested town. it’s an interesting mix of competing to reach a heli-pad first and co-operating to handle the crazy amounts of Zombies.

The downside of this game is the huge amount of material you need to play it and the time it takes to set up / tear down.

Now this game has been ported to a Windows 8 Store App that has all the aspects of the full board game and adds very atmospheric sound and graphics of the town, that can be viewed and zoomed in real time. It also adds very cool animations to the Zombie fight sequences which adds a lot to the overall atmosphere.

It still doesn’t alter the gameplay experience of the board game and we recently played it with 5 people on one tablet and had a great time in a epic battle that lasted for over three hours.

Computer opponents can of course take the place of missing players.

The downside is that the game is meant to be passed from player to player as the current player’s card hand is shown over the entire screen when activated, so it has to be concealed from the other players.

Screen shot 4
The player’s card hand.

Also, this would play real nice on a large tablet, seeing the action was sometimes a bit hard for all five of us as my 11-inch tablet was a bit small in the center of the table.

Screen shot 2
Adding new parts to the ever growing town.

Screen shot 5
A fully laid out town, Helicopter waiting on the far left in this case

Screen shot 6
A player plotting his move.

Screen shot 8
Fighting a Zombie with the fire axe from the fire station. Our winner was using this tool for this victory….

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