How to make your Flash content work in the new Windows 8 touch UI version of Internet Explorer 10.

Note: The following only applies to the touch optimized Internet Explorer 10 as part of the new touch UI in Windows 8 – not the desktop version of IE10.

Developers can control how their sites work in Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 in the the new Windows UI. For websites with Flash content, the site owner has the following options:

  • Detect that the request is coming from Internet Explorer 10 and serve a plug-in free version of your site.
  • Use the registry key described >> here << along with available documentation to verify your Flash content is compatible with Internet Explorer 10. If your Flash content is compatible with Internet Explorer 10, submit the site to Microsoft for evaluation and addition to the CV List for Flash.
  • Add META-tag/header in HTML to prompt the user to switch to Internet Explorer for the desktop to view your site with plug-ins enabled.
  • Do nothing – your site will display in Internet Explorer 10 without Flash.

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