Hot tool alert: Code Sample Browser for Visual Studio 2012 available for download.

When I write code, I basically live off code samples.  They are the best starting point for me to learn a new technology or tackle a development problem I am facing.  They also provide straightforward solutions and helpful references.

In partnership with Visual Studio Product Team and MSDN Samples Gallery Team, Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework releases Sample Browser for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010 ( an effort to evolve the code sample use experience. 

You can search and download 3500+ Microsoft official code samples and community samples, including over 700 Windows 8 samples and more than 1000 All-In-One Code Framework customer-driven code samples.  With its integrated sample search, flexible sample download and more than ten useful features designed for easier access and management of code samples from within Visual Studio, we hope to put the power of tens of thousands of code samples at developers’ fingertips.



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