Confused by the new async programming model in Windows 8 store apps?

Check out the resources on MSDN, home of the Async How-Do-I videos:

Introduction to the Async CTP
(5 minutes 49 seconds)

Concurrent Downloading with TaskEx.WhenAll
(3 minutes 02 seconds)

Offloading Work with TaskEx.Run
(4 minutes 42 seconds)

Polling and Cancellation
(7 minutes 17 seconds)

Refactoring Functionality into a Library
(4 minutes 41 seconds)

Furthermore there is a great TechED session on the topic by Dustin Campbell, featured on Channel9 including downloadable video and slides of his presentation.

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One response to “Confused by the new async programming model in Windows 8 store apps?”

  1. codemink says :

    Thanks for sharing. I was about to start programming for windows 8 apps. Hope these links might help me a lot

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