Two Microsoft Surface 2 Demo Projects: Surface Flickr Search and Surface Twitter Search.

I have posted two Surface Demo projects up on GitHub for everyone who wants to demo Microsoft Surface 2 and writing code for Surface 2. The projects are very simple and illustrate the use of the TagVisualizations and custom controls being shown in a ScatterView control.

The demos can also be run on any non-Surface unit with the Surface 2 SDK installed, using the Surface Input Simulator:

Surface Flickr Search:

A simple client that allows searching for photos on Flickr. You will need a Byte Tag to show the search GUI and your own Flickr API key to run this app.


Surface Twitter Search:

Very similar to Surface Flickr Search but allowing to search for keywords on Flickr.


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5 responses to “Two Microsoft Surface 2 Demo Projects: Surface Flickr Search and Surface Twitter Search.”

  1. Pope Preposterous says :

    looks just about as exciting as sister evelyn’s big toe. and look how great surface does on stage… what a brave man this is…

  2. Sascha Corti says :

    Dude, this has nothing to do with the Surface you are talking about. This is code for the technology now called pixelsense. I am sure sister Evelyn’s big toe would have known that. Ask it before posting next time!

  3. Pope Preposterous says :

    Dude?You can refer to me by my title… young preacher lad.Firstly, I was not 'talking' about anything, you should realize that.I pointed you to a demo of SURFACE… I happened to be in the audience when the above youtube event occurred and have great respect for the presenter who,despite the ungodly technology managed to complete his presentation in above average form – he was ripe for a deodorant commercial 20 mins later gee, it looks like the preacher still doesn't understand that it is all in the eye of the consumer and the media.It does not play out upon our tiny little stage.You need to get your ass back into the church… it's been a while since sister E kicked you in the keester.

  4. Sascha Corti says :

    Oh, it’s you, your divine popeness, uh, big boss! I didn’t have a chance to watch the video yet – traveling abroad. I am looking forward to seeing how the new Surface turns out. And it wouldn’t be the first presentation that turns into a commercial. Unfortunately. Say hi to good old sister E!

  5. Pope Preposterous says :

    At Marketing Land, editor Danny Sullivan described in detail how Microsoft minders prevented him from checking hardware details and chided him on the effort.After asking repeatedly if I could hold one — I felt like a seven-year-old, “please can I hold it, please can I try, would you mind if I try” — one of the Microsoft guys gave me a shot. I brought up the Start screen by hitting the Windows button on the front of the tablet, hit Desktop to get to the Windows 8 desktop, did a long press guessing that would bring up the Screen Resolution setting and it did — at which point, the unit was literally jerked out of my hands.Oh dear. Did I mention having a Windows Phone? Maybe I should have waved it around more. Anyway, I don’t think Microsoft guy number one quite knew what I was doing (you know, trying to actually use the damn computer the way I’d use a computer), so Microsoft guy number two didn’t catch on that by no means should I be allowed to hold one of these devices again. After more begging — “please can I hold it please please please can I hold it” — I got another maybe 10 seconds to repeat what I did before. That got the unit jerked away again, with a “Nice trick” remark.There’s nothing like hands-on experience, but Sullivan says there was none. And the thin, keyboard technology of the Surface units was also unavailable for examination, Sullivan continued.To me, putting a unit in your lap and pretend typing on it isn’t hands-on. Especially with this keyboard, that tells you nothing. I pretend typed on it myself at two different stations. That didn’t give me any sense of how typing on it really works, any more than playing pretend airplane when I was a kid actually let me fly through the sky.

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