Making a Great Snapped View for your Web Site on IE10 on Windows 8 (via the Synergist)

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One of the great features of Windows 8 Metro Applications is the Snapped View where app developers create a 320px wide experience of their app.  When the user snaps their app to the left or the right, of the screen they can continue their primary task while still having a secondary task visible.  The project templates in Visual Studio come with this capability built-in to make it easier to address this important part of the application experience.  If you build your Metro application with HTML, you see that this is done with CSS Media Queries, a feature supported in all HTML5 modern browsers.  This is also the way that you support snapped view for your website, with the @-ms-viewport rule (since it’s Microsoft-specific today, it has the –ms- prefix and can be safely ignored by other browsers.

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