Zattoo and Watchmi bring streaming TV from Zattoo to Windows 7 Media Center PCs in Switzerland!

This is great news!

It is now possible to use the full TV features of the Windows 7 Media Center PC without having to install and TV tuner hardware. Including EPG, TV recording and watchmi’s interesting predictive algorithms, recording the TV shows that you are potentially interested in – learning from you interactively rating what you watch.


Zattoo’s announcement on their site :

February 2012 A partnership between Watchmi and Zattoo gives you a personal television experience. The application brings Zattoo Live TV to the Windows Media Center. Swiss users can save their favorite shows in their personal categories and individual recommendations are also given.


The software required can be downloaded from the Watchmi site:

I have just tried it and it works like a charm…! See the screenshots for Zattoo and the EPG in Windows 7 Media Center and’s UI.

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