Aaah! WANT! :) BOXX electric bike: two wheels, four corners, all-electric transport for one (via Engadget)

bicycle design reached its pinnacle? Or are electric
manufacturers just not trying hard enough? The YikeBike
begs to differ, and here joining it is BOXX Corporation’s diminutive BOXX.
Coming in at just under a meter (or 36-inch inches) long, the 120 pound aluminum
“bike” has a top speed of 35 miles per hour and can even haul up to 300 pounds
of heft. Yet, despite that compact footprint, the company hasn’t skimped on
tech, as it boasts traction control, anti-lock brakes and yes, even LED lights.
Available in one of ten colors, $3,995 nets you a base 40-mile range model,
which can optionally be doubled to 80 by ticking the $599 CORE 2 box. And for
those willing to spruce even further, there’s a $149 heated seat and $349 1-hour
charger on offer. Ready to literally hunker down on electric mobility? Go on,
peep the source links below — do it, we’ve even linked the configurator.

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