Very interesting article on the development of Cut the Rope in HTML5 (via


Monday was a big day Pixel
. We had the incredible opportunity of developing the HTML5 version of Cut the Rope for ZeptoLab (the brainiac creators of the game) and Monday was
the launch. Overall, the feedback has been incredibly positive. It’s been cool to see people get excited about
what you can do with standards-based code in a modern browser.

A handful of people (CNET, here)  have noticed that the game appears to require
Flash. That’s partially true. The more accurate statement would be: the game
will fallback to Flash for audio in some browsers. We’re a little more
aggressive about this than we meant to be (more below). More importantly, the
Flash decision came about because we were trying to make the game more fun for
as many people as possible. Here’s the “behind the scenes” on how we ended up
with Flash in an HTML5 game (and a little about HTML5 audio along the

Make sure to get the full story at:

For once, Internet Explorer was the one browser that didn’t need a fallback workaround but could run the entire thing reliably in HTML5. Very cool!

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