Lumus see-through wearable display hands-on (via Engadget)

Lumus was showing off two
different types of wearable displays, the development kit — or DK-32 shown
above — and the PD-18-4 a monocular version using the same technology. Driven
by Lumus’ patented Light-guide Optical Element, a micro-display pod, and the
Optical Engine which projects light into the lens — where it is reflected back
to the user’s eye via reflectors embedded in the lens — the Lumus’ DK-32
delivers a bright 720p 3D-capable display. The effect is really quite
impressive, the colors are bright — and adjustable using the display pod — and
images were surprisingly clear. But the best part, of course, is that while
you’re watching YouTube vids and walking about you’ll avoid stumbling into
objects and passersby. Also on hand was the monocle which was very much like
something you’d see in a science fiction flick. With the PD-18-4 we checked out
a nav program, some eye tests, and a phone UI mockup. We’re stoked at what this
development kit will make possible once it gets into the hands of some evil
genius. Video and pictures are just past the break.

I SO can’t wait until this kind of tech becomes available – and socially accepted (and maybe just a little less clumsy looking).

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