Windows Phone Power Tools are an absolute must have for Windows Phone 7 developers (via Codeplex)

The Windows Phone Power Tools are a natural extension
to the developer tools that come with the Windows Phone SDK. Instead of allowing
you to only install developer xaps the Power Tools let you test update scenarios
by allowing you to update an existing developer app. Instead of having to step
through the IsolatedStorage file browser on the command line, the Power Tools
provide a GUI to allow you to interact with your applications.

  Windows Phone SDK Windows Phone Power Tools
Install Developer XAPs yes.png yes.png
Update Developer XAPS no.png yes.png
Upload / Download Files from IsolatedStorage yes.png yes.png
Visual IsolatedStorage browser no.png yes.png
Uninstall Developer XAPs no.png yes.png
Detailed Device Information no.png yes.png
Develop App Control (Launch / Kill) no.png yes.png

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