Jawbone Up detailed (via Engadget)

Up detailed: tracks activity, food intake and sleep cycles, available November 6
for $100 (video)

Back in July, Jawbone did something puzzling. The company, best known for
its Bluetooth headsets, teased
a photo of a colorful wristband called the Up — a deceptively simple thing that
could purportedly track your eating, sleeping and exercise habits. The outfit
left out a few teensy details: the price, shipping date and, the biggest riddle
of all, how it works.

At last, the company’s ready to talk specifics. We
just got word the Up will be available in the US November 6th for $100, and will
continue its world tour on the 17th. With that price, it’s well-matched against
the clip-on Fitbit Ultra
tracker, and indeed, they have some key features in common — namely, a step
counter and a few requisite social networking features. But with a sensor that
knows when you’re in deep sleep and a mobile app that can identify photos of
food, it has a few unexpected tricks that could give devices like Fitbit a run
for their money.

This looks interesting!

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