Looking for great WP7 App ideas? Try Marketplace Extra! (via the Windows Phone Blog)

Ever have the nagging feeling you’re missing out on some great overlooked app
or game in Marketplace?

Or maybe Windows Phone is your first smartphone, and you’re a little unsure
what to download first. 

I think we’ve all felt that way from time to time. That’s why we created
Marketplace Extra, a new feature of the Windows Phone website dedicated to
helping you discover handy, fun, and other pinworthy apps and games. 

Marketplace, of course, already comes equipped with
useful automated tools for sorting and slicing our fast-growing app catalog.
Marketplace Extra adds the human touch: Each month a team of writers and
editors—me included—will comb Marketplace for great apps and games to feature.
We’ll also spotlight app news, reviews, videos, and more. So check out Marketplace Extra and tell us what you

A peek at the Marketplace Extra homepage

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