Windows Phone Marketplace W-8BEN Sample Forms for Swiss Individuals and Companies.

To get the withholding tax refunded from the IRS when you sell your apps on the Windows Phone marketplace as a Swiss developer, you now only have to submit a W-8BEN form not requiring you to obtain an ITIN (Individual taxpayer information number) from the IRS previously anymore. This makes things much, much simpler.

I have been asked many times how to fill this form, so here are two samples, one for individuals, one for companies.

Please note that I cannot give official legal counseling in this matter and I cannot guarantee that the forms will be accepted if you follow my samples.

Chances however are they will, I have successfully had them both approved myself. :)


W-8BEN Sample Person.pdf
Download this file

W-8BEN Sample Company.pdf
Download this file

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  1. digiDingo says :

    Hi Sascha, do you still have those documents? Links are broken. Thanks!

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