Google abandons 10 projects, tells me to never grow to attached to their research…

Here’s a list of the projects that Google is shuttering as part of the

  • Aardvark, a social search startup acquired in 2010. Its
    technology and features will be folded into other projects.
  • Google Desktop will cease to exist on September 14.
    Google will stop supporting all application programming interfaces (APIs) and
  • Google’s will incorporate its Fast Flip feature
    into other news services.
  • Google Maps will no longer support Flash APIs for
    non-premier customers as the company shifts more support to JavaScript
  • Google is discontinuing Google Pack; its strategy has
    shifted to supplying web-based applications.
  • Google will no longer actively sell Google Web Security,
    but it will continue to support its customers.
  • Image Labeler will be completely shut down.
  • Google will export all Google Notebook data to Google
  • Google is discontinuing Sidewiki in favor of “broader
    social projects.”
  • Subscribed Links will no longer appear in search
    results after September 15.

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