Bing Announces Surface Ready Bing Maps WPF Control – Download the Beta (via Bing Maps Blog)

The WPF Control has everything you’d expect from a Bing Maps control
including the ability to present information via a WPF native control such as:

· Map Styles: Road, Aerial and Hybrid

· The ability to place shapes on the map via lat/lon – pins, polylines and

· Navigating the map with pan and zoom keyboard controls


We’ve also opened up a lot of the abilities within the control to empower the
developer to take control of the user experience. So, you’ll notice there is no
default navigation, no default pushpins and none roll overs – this is truly a
blank (er, map-based) canvas – we want to see you do some killer things with.

Perhaps the most notable facet to this WPF control is support for Microsoft
Surface. That’s right. The Bing Maps WPF Control Beta is touch-enabled with
support for Surface v 2’s Pixel Sense technology. So, for those of you using WPF
in your Surface applications you’ll have native support for touch features.

We worked closely with the Surface team and have had a constant need to
support our WPF developer community with mapping. In the past, we’ve pushed to
have WPF developers use the Bing Maps Silverlight Control (or our Bing Maps AJAX
Control v7) in a web control, but it’s just not the same as having managed code
libraries to work with.

The WPF control supports full rotation and inertia with options to turn both
off. Plus, infinite scroll maps, touch to lat/lon to pixel conversions (think
touch to add a pushpin) and the ability to plug into the Bing Maps REST API for
geocoding and routing or the Bing API for search.

We hope you enjoy the control. It’s a beta, so we’re looking for some
feedback on what you think, what works and what doesn’t. All
questions/comments/feedback can be directed to the MSDN Forums. We hope to see
some awesome applications built in WPF and Surface applications with our Bing
Maps control.

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