, my favorite downloader now has an Updater. I like!

I never really trusted updaters, but hoping that Ninite’s updater works as well as their installer, I am giving it a try.

Right after the 2 seconds, the installation took, this is what Ninite detects on my (as far as I knew very up-to-date) machine. Wow.


Installation is full automatic – as with the Ninite installer – and always selects the “least intrusive” installation type (no Google Toolsbars etc.)


This might actually be an updater worth having around!

In Ninite’s own words:

Designed for Painless Updates

When we designed Ninite Updater we thought about the ideal software update process:

·         Update checking happens in the background.

·         No need to launch a checker app again and again.

·         Apps should be detected automatically. No need to select them or install software a special way.

·         You can install all your updates at once. Fully automatic.

·         No websites to visit.

·         No downloads to manage or organize.

·         No clicking Next Next Next in installers.

·         Updates come without browser toolbars or other annoying junkware.

·         Your desktop shortcuts are not changed.

·         If you don’t want to update one app, you can skip it and update the rest.

And that’s exactly what we’ve built with the Ninite Updater. It’s how software updates should have been all along.

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