New “Mobile Test Drive” site to try out IE9 features in Windows Phone “Mango” (via Windows Phone Blog)

If you’re a Web developer and want to see what your sites will look like on
IE9 Mobile, you can download the Windows Phone developer tools today and try it out
for yourself, since we include IE9 Mobile with the default emulator

In fact, we’ve been pretty busy getting ready for the upcoming Mango release
too, and we’d like to share some of the work we’ve done with the community in
preparation for Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Phone “Mango”.

Introducing the Mobile Test Drive

By now, you’re probably familiar with the Internet
Explorer Test Drive
– a site where we publish various Web development
samples that highlight features and capabilities of Internet Explorer.

Today, we’re launching our Mobile
Test Drive
. It’s the same idea, but with a mobile twist:


It’s organized essentially the same way as the original, except laid out to
be easily read and used on the mobile form factor. We’ve ported over some of the
more popular samples from the full version of the IE Test Drive and have
developed a few of our own mobile-specific ones too, including the demos that Joe Belfiore showed at MIX 11 earlier this
year. It’s important to note that even though we use the same core rendering
engines on both the desktop and mobile versions of IE and adhere to the concept
of “same markup” when we produce our samples, we felt that it was worth creating
a mobile test drive site to illustrate how we approach some of the key issues
that developers face when creating mobile-optimized content: screen sizes,
device capabilities, etc.

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