Announcing the Web Standards Update – HTML5 Support for the Visual Studio 2010 Editor (via Scott Hanselman)

Folks have been asking “When will VS2010 support HTML5?” I’ve been saying,
jokingly, that the answer is “yesterday” as there’s nothing keeping you from
creating HTML5 in Visual Studio or ASP.NET today. However, there’s no
intellisense and there’s lots of squiggly lines that make people uncomfortable.
Combine all that with the fact that HTML5 is a moving target, and it’s unclear.
We’ve said before that the next version of Visual Studio will have better
support HTML5, but what about today?

Today, a rogue faction of the Web Platform and Tools team,
spearheaded by Mads Kristensen, is
pleased to announce the Visual
Studio Web Standards Update
. This adds better support for HTML5,
CSS3 and new JavaScript features to ALL versions of Visual Studio.

Download the first Visual Studio Web Standards

HTML5 moves fast, and this update will aim to keep up with it. It adds
support to Visual Studio and the editor for HTML5, CSS3 and new JavaScript
features. The goal is perhaps an update every quarter or so as new features or
elements emerge.  We want ASP.NET web developers to always be able to use
the latest standards, as well as being able to choose from existing standards.
Remember that you can use HTML5 today along with JavaScript libraries like
Modernizr that allow you to create pages that work across nearly all browsers,
including old crappy ones.

Check the full post for a full list of web standards supported by this update.

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