SketchFlow Template for Windows Phone (downloadable from Codeplex)

The SketchFlow Template for Windows Phone 7 adds a new SketchFlow template
for Expression Blend* users that makes creating a prototype of a Windows Phone
app quick and easy.

* Please note: To use the SketchFlow Template for Windows Phone 7 you need to
be using Blend 4 with SketchFlow enabled (this is the version of Blend that
comes with both Expression Studio 4 Ultimate and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate)
you also need to have the Mango
developer tools
for Windows Phone installed.


2011-06-09 09h43_52   2011-06-09 09h44_47   2011-06-09 09h46_17  

2011-06-09 09h47_25   2011-06-09 09h47_52 

2011-06-09 10h01_27

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