Open many Windows 7 native features to Silverlight with the Native Extensions For Microsoft Silverlight V2

UPDATE 03/03/2011 – NESL version 2.0 is now available at

  • New Features
    • Touch Features
      • Gesture support
      • Manipulation processing support
      • Inertia processing support
      • Touch hardware information
  • Windows 7 Notification Area (System Tray) support
    • Add/Update/Remove notification icons to the notification area
    • Add/Remove notification information balloons
    • Respond to notification and notification balloon events
    • Add/Update/Remove context menus to notification icons
    • Respond to context menu selections
    • “Minimize to tray”/”Restore from tray”
  • “Single application instance” pattern support
    • Allow only a single instance of the application to run at any time
    • Be notified when a subsequent launch is attempted
    • Aids in applications that add themselves to the system tray, and hence needs
      to maintain a single running instance.
  • New feature demos illustrating for Local Encoding, Portable Devices,
    Touch and Sensors

  • Full Developer Documentation and updated API Guide
  • Bug Fixes
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