MIX11: First batch of Sessions announced

The first batch of MIX sessions have been published, with another 100 to come! 

Here are some of the exciting sessions to look forward to:

XNA Game Studio for Fun, Profit, Danger, Excitement and Windows Phone 7 Games with Rob Miles

Ever wonder what it takes to create a top game for Windows Phone 7? Rob will show you how easy it is to get XNA programs running, whether you are a C# and Visual Studio newbie or a grizzled veteran of .NET. You will find out how to use the touch and accelerometer sensors and how to add a smattering of physics to your games. All the demos will be provided with full source so you can take them away and use them to begin creating your own games based on the abilities of this wonderful device. If you want to know how to take game ideas and give them life then this session is for you. And you might be in danger of winning the odd prize. Which should be exciting.

Flickr API: Tap into Billions of Photos for Windows Phone 7 with Markus Spiering

Do you want your app to integrate with one of the world’s leading photo sharing site? The Flickr for Windows Phone 7 app is a full featured mobile application that is pushing the boundaries of UX design and is 100% built on Flickr’s API methods that are available for developers. This talk will introduce the mobile app, highlight some of the complex design decisions, and provide insights into the Flickr API methods. Attendees will learn how to enrich their applications using Flickr’s rich content via the Flickr APIs.

HTML5 Canvas Mastery with Lanny McNie and Shawn Blais

In this boot camp we will take a comprehensive look at everything from simple shape and image drawing, to advanced techniques for building interactive experiences and games. We will also look at available tools to streamline development, and share some helpful tips on implementation, performance, and optimization. Lanny McNie and Shawn Blais are senior developers at gskinner.com, a leading interactive production shop focused on providing cutting-edge experiences in HTML5, Flash, iOS, and Android.

Introducing Microsoft Media Platform with Alex Zambelli
The Microsoft platform for delivery of video and rich media experiences has fundamentally changed and grown significantly since the introduction of Silverlight and IIS Media Services several years ago. Come learn about the encoding tools, digital rights management components, transcoding services, player development frameworks, analytics tools, content management systems and other tools and frameworks which comprise the Microsoft Media Platform (MMP).

Good JavaScript Habits for C# Developers with Elijah Manor
It seems that far too many people come to jQuery thinking that their previous knowledge with object-oriented languages like C# or Java will help them be successful at client-side scripting. In many cases, you can be successful with this approach, however, the more JavaScript you write you will inevitably find yourself uncovering strange bugs because you didn’t take time to learn JavaScript properly. This session is targeted for developers that use jQuery, but haven’t invested adequate time to learn some of the foundational JavaScript concepts that differ from C#. If you would like to avoid some of these common mistakes when bringing your existing expertise to JavaScript, then please join me as I try to explain some of the differences.

Mono: State of the Union with Miguel de Icaza
Come learn how Mono can help every one of your current projects: from our C# compiler as a service to running your .NET code on iPhone, Android and Mac. All demos will feature our amazing MonoDevelop cross platform IDE. Come to be energized and fall in love with .NET all over again. This is your second honeymoon. Do not miss it.

Effective Validation Techniques with MVVM in Silverlight with Zoltan Arvai

All input is evil! Protect your application and provide great user experience in your Silverlight application. Learn about the synchronous and asynchronous validation techniques Silverlight 4.0 offers and see how to implement these techniques in the most effective way with MVVM. Customize your validation feedback with Expression Blend for the maximum experience.

Creating Windows Phone Applications Using Expression Blend with Unni Ravindranathan

If you want to create applications for Windows Phone that stand out from the rest, you should be using Expression Blend. Come to this session to learn how to take full advantage of the rich platform features, efficient workflow and tools to showcase your unique design skills.

JavaScript Panel with Luke Hoban, Doug Crockford, Allen Wirfs-Brock, and Tomasz Janczuk
JavaScript is one of the most widely used general purpose functional, dynamic and prototype-based object-oriented programming languages on the web with considerable amounts of JS even running outside of the browser in other hosts. The language has matured and is currently in version 5 (officially, this is known as EcmaScript 5). Where did it come from? What problems was it initially designed to solve? How has it managed to scale to so many different usage scenarios? What are these scenarios, exactly? What does EC5 add to the language and what specific problems do these new additions solve? What’s missing from the language? How will it evolve? How general purpose is JavaScript, really? The folks who will be on stage can answer all of these questions, but most importantly, YOU will drive the panel with your own questions. What do you want to know? What’s the most burning question you have in your mind related to JavaScript? Answers await.

Riding the Geolocation Wave with Tatham Oddie
It’s pretty obvious by now that geolocation is a heavy player in the next wave of applications and APIs. Now is the time to learn how to take advantage of this information and add context to your own applications. In this session we’ll look at geolocation at every layer of the stack – from open protocols to operating system APIs, from the browser to Windows Phone 7. Building a compelling geo-enabled experience takes more than simple coordinates. In this session we will introduce the basics of determining a user’s location and then delve into how to make geo data a useful addition to your application instead of a bolt-on “me too”.

Designing Infographics for Web Applications with Des Traynor
The infographics bug has bitten, and now the web alive with tightly kerned upper-case Helvetica and scatter plots to showing us everything from what a billion dollars looks like all the way through to how hard it is for singer songwriters to make a living. In the midst of all the nonsense, there have been some significant changes in design trends that can make company dashboards or analysis tools more powerful. This session will: 1) Explain the goals of data visualization and the benefits for business, 2) Walk through some great examples of stunning, but most importantly, *useful* visualizations of data sets that will leave attendees better equipped to tackles mountains of data in their applications, and 3) Present case studies showing companies getting a real return on investing in their data. This session will be driven by real practical examples, and will be of interest to designers, application owners, and web developers. Also, it will be fun :)

Facebook Development in .NET with Jim Zimmerman
Over 500 million users! That is the universe for your app. So “learning Facebook” is critical. Come learn how to use the Facebook C# SDK built in cooperation with Microsoft and Thuzi, a Facebook Preferred Partner. Thuzi will also share lessons from creating Facebook promotions that have been architected to handle over 10,000 signups an hour. We will show how to build Facebook applications with .NET using ASP.NET MVC, Web Matrix, Web Forms, Silverlight and WP7 and how to host them on Windows Azure.


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