Adobe’s Wallaby Flash-to-HTML5 translator: Smart but not pretty (via InfoWorld)

For now, just a prototype
The Wallaby preview is
available as a free download for Mac OS X or Windows, but Adobe takes great
pains to note it should not be considered a finished tool for content deployment
— or even one that will ever be finished. A note on Adobe’s website
reads, “[Wallaby] is an experimental standalone technology that we have been
working on. At this time, we cannot comment on whether Wallaby will be part of
any of our Creative Suite products [such as Flash Pro or Dreamweaver].”

The converter is an Adobe AIR application, so you’ll need the AIR runtime
installed to use it. For an AIR app, however, its GUI is hardly rich. It
consists of nothing more than a single window with a file selection field,
Convert and Preferences buttons, and a box to log errors and warnings.

Interesting writeup on Wallaby.

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