ie9ify – The jQuery IE9 Plugin on CodePlex

A jQuery Plugin for adding IE9 features (site pinning, site mode, etc.) to
your websites. Several new features of Internet Explorer 9 are designed to
enhance the browsing experience of consumers by enabling sites that leverage
certain features to behave like applications on the desktop when those sites are
‘pinned’ to the taskbar in Windows 7. A user pins a site by dragging the site’s
tab (or favicon in the address bar) to the taskbar. For all sites, IE9 will
create a default experience (called ‘site mode’) that will use information about
the site to create an instance of the browser customized to look specific to
that site. Developers can also add specific meta tags and script commands to
extend these features to further customize user’s pinned experience of the

The purpose of the ie9ify jQuery plugin is to enable developers to leverage
IE9 side mode features with simple commands.

Interesting! I do like the $(selector).pinTeaser(options); function that makes it very easy to show a teaser on top of the page that helps advertising the Pinned Site mode to user.

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