Dev Unplugged contest kicks off: Pushing the Limits of HTML5 in Gaming and Music

Today, we are announcing the launch of Dev
, a contest that challenges web developers to push the limits of a
modern browser without the use of plug-ins. We believe that HTML5 and related
technologies, in conjunction with faster and faster browsers, finally give developers
the tools they need to create experiences that are as vivid, interactive and
compelling as anything you have seen in native applications.

We hope that Dev Unplugged becomes a forum where developers around the world
showcase their talents and what’s possible and inspire all of us to see where
the web is going.

Make sure to check the site for details on the competition. The following are the dates you should keep in mind:

•3/1 – Contest Opens (submit early, don’t miss a chance to get voted-up!)

•4/5 – Submission gallery opens to the public and voting begins!

•5/9 – Submission deadline

•5/12 – Top-40 Finalists are announced

•5/23 – Winners are announced!

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