Interesting UI study: Google May Kill Chrome URL Bar (via ConceivablyTech)

Google is working toward an improved Chrome UI that could be even more
radical and eliminate the URL bar altogether. According to the Chrome UI
variants page, Google is currently thinking about four different layouts – with
four different types of navigation: The classic navigation version,
compact navigation, sidetab navigation as well as a
touchscreen version. Google said that it is “interested” in developing
all four versions, but current builds of Chrome “are focused on classic and
compact navigation styles.”

It is somewhat surprising that Google is not pursuing the sidetab navigation
version, which has been supported for several months via a flags option in
Chrome. The company said that this layout would waste space for users who do not
use many tabs, that it only works nicely on screen layouts that are 1366 pixels
wide and that the layout does not relate well to Chromium browser overall.

Google's Chrome Navigation/Layout Examples

Google’s Chrome Navigation/Layout Examples (c)

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