This is what you get for “jailbreaking” Windows Phone 7… (via Engadget)

To be a jailbreaker means different
things depending on the device that you’re busy hacking preinstalled walls from.
If you’re fiddling with consoles, a legal team would come highly
, but if you’re tweaking mobile code, at least Windows Phone
mobile code, you’re in for a much sweeter ride. The ChevronWP7 guys that brought
us the first
of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 are currently in Redmond having a
sitdown and a frank exchange of views with WP7 dev experience director Brandon
Watson, and the amicable nature of their discourse has been evidenced by the
image above. Microsoft is clearly taking a light-hearted and community-friendly
approach to handling the (now inevitable) efforts at disabling limitations to
its software and we can only congratulate its mobile team for doing so.

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