Orchard V1 released, available for download.

Today, Orchard V1 has been made available for download.   For the first time, Orchard appears in the Microsoft Web Application Gallery and can be installed using Web PI without registering a private feed.  This release also works seamlessly with the corresponding released versions of Web Matrix, MVC3 etc. 


In addition, we officially launched our Modules and Themes gallery for sharing extensions between Orchard users.  It’s easy to contribute to the gallery and manage your submissions by simply creating an account.  You can package modules and themes to submit to the gallery by enabling the “Orchard.Packaging” feature and running “package create <your-module-name> <output-file-path>” on the orchard command-line (this creates a NuGet package for you).  This gallery is built as an Orchard website, and the full source code is available to you at http://orchardgallery.codeplex.com and http://galleryserver.codeplex.com.

We’ve also done a bunch of work to update our Documentation Wiki with current information about the V1 release. 

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