Pirates lov Daisies: an HTML5 Tower Defense Game by Grant Skinner (via the Windows Team Blog)

And today, Grant released his new HTML5 tower defense game: Pirates Love Daisies.

Pirates Love Daisies Start Menu    Pirates Love Daisies Game Canvas

If you are wondering about the name – I mean, won’t the pirate’s parrot be
jealous? – you can get more details from Grant’s blog post. The
idea for the game is original, but simple: you and your pirates are fighting to
defend your precious daisies from being snatched by evil sea creatures. What I
like about the site is the modular way in which Grant animated the game’s many
elements, including the characters, scenery and the environment in general. If
you inspect the code of one of the pages using the Internet Explorer 9 Developer
Tools (F12), you will find that the HTML markup is relatively short. Most of the
action happens inside the <canvas> tag, where all the graphic objects are
drawn and animated using the new EaselJS

Incredible work!

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