Using Directions and Search in the Bing Maps App on Windows Phone 7 in Switzerland

If you use a Windows Phone 7 device that has its regional settings set to “German (Switzerland)”, you will notice, that the search and directions functionality in the Bing Maps application is not working as intended at the moment. I am sure this will change very soon, but in the meantime, here is how to quickly fix it.


If in “Settings” under “Region & Language”, your “Browser and Search Language” is set to “German (Switzerland)”



the Bing Maps application will only show two icons in the app bar and when you tap the magnifying glass, you are immediately taken to the Bing Search application:



To fix this, go to “Settings”, “Region & Language” and set the last field “Browser and Search Language” to “German (Germany)”:




Quit the Settings application and re-open Bing Maps. You will now see three buttons in the app bar that are working as intended.


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2 responses to “Using Directions and Search in the Bing Maps App on Windows Phone 7 in Switzerland”

  1. Jose Osuna says :

    Thanks for the hint, Sascha. Now, the search behaves as expected.

  2. Christian Lüthold says :

    And everything makes sense now… I was wondering! Thanks!

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