Updated Version of Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements: Running under locked screen. (via windowsteamblog.com)

Today we published an updated version of the Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements.  As always you can find them on the AppHub (http://create.msdn.com).  Here’s a direct link to the PDF file. The WP7 App Certification Requirements lay out all the policies developers are required to follow in their WP7 apps & games.

Noteworthy is the section on Apps running under a locked screen:

6.3. Applications Running under a Locked Screen

Updated section with a description of the advantages and challenges of running an application under a locked screen. Separated guidance for audio and/or video applications, and all other applications. Added requirements for minimum battery life and idle behavior while the application is running under a locked screen.

Removed the requirement 6.3.1 Configurable Functionality (you no longer have to ask users to opt in to allowing the app to run under lock as long as you meet the battery life requirements above).

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