Visual Basic Comes to Windows Phone 7 (via WP7Dev Blog)

  1. This is a CTP, which means we want to give you early access, and are
    hoping to solicit feedback, but this is not a final
    implementation, and you should not expect anything you built to be commercial
  2. There is no Go-Live license, which means you shouldn’t try to release apps
    built with this version of the technology.
  3. You need to be a Visual Studio 2010 Professional (or higher) customer. So if
    you only have the Express edition of the Windows Phone Developer Tools, you
    cannot use this version of the CTP. I hear Visual Studio 2010 have a trial download if you are
    really itchy.
  4. You cannot build XNA games. Silverlight apps only.

Obviously one of the most requested features developers can now code Winodws Phone 7 Silverlight apps in Visual Basic!

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