Windows Phone Developer Tools Are Final (via WP7 Blog) – YES!!!

When the Windows Phone 7 OS went gold two weeks ago, the Windows Phone
ecosystem began the final preparations for the upcoming launch. OEMs and mobile
operators have begun final testing of their handsets, but developers have had to
wait just a little while longer to complete apps and games. Today, that wait is
over. The Windows Phone Developer Tools have gone final, and we have released to
the Web. This release is English only, but we will be releasing the French,
Italian, German and Spanish language versions in the next couple of weeks.

For developers to put their apps into the marketplace, opening in early
October, you will need to download this version of the tools. Any application
built with a previous version of the tools will fail application certification
in the Marketplace. When you do submit your application, you can expect it to
take about five days to pass or fail certification, though you can check the
status of your app submission at any time at the developer
. For more information on passing certification, please see the Windows
Phone 7 Marketplace policies

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