Migrating Windows Phone 7 code from the April CTP Refresh to the beta build (by Jaime Rodriguez)

There were a good number of breaking changes and new features introduced in the “beta” release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.
Going forward from beta to RTM; the number of breaking changes will be minimal, so let’s just “buckle up” and migrate our code this once.
The migration is a lot easier than it sounds. I will first walk through the obvious breaking changes that the compiler will catch, and then share tips and workarounds in some of that ‘missing’ stuff that the compiler will miss. 
Once you have gotten through this, don’t forget to read my post on the new features in the beta release so you can start taking advantage of these.

This is a great post by Jaime Rodriguez on how to migrate your Windows Phone 7 pre-beta code to the just released beta.

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