Microsoft Switzerland developer events and feedback – A little request to all participants

I have a little request to participants’ feedback at our MSDN events and that might be reading my blog. If you leave a comment – especially a constructive negative one – please don’t be shy and don’t do it anonymously. We will not retaliate and make your Windows crash remotely! Promise!

But we might contact you and ask you for your input to help us make our events better in the future so that you won’t be disappointed again.

I had one feedback for my Windows Phone 7 Hands-On lab that sounds interesting but I cannot follow up without some more explanation…

“Zu kurzer Event. Überblick fehlte, was man wo macht.“ (= Event too short [Ok, I get that one. Noted.] Overview missing of what one is doing and in which place [This one I am struggling with – is the lab manual not clear enough on what certain exercises are exactly for?])

I am now working on publishing the entire lab manual and source code. I’ll post an update as soon as it’s live.

Thanks again to all who attended the event!

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2 responses to “Microsoft Switzerland developer events and feedback – A little request to all participants”

  1. Anonymous says :

    HiFor me personally the HOL was a success. I’m totally new with topics like Silverlight and I’m very thankful for this perfect lab manual! It has multiple cool aspects like the AppBar, Storyboards or Downloading stuff from the Web. Sure, the time was too short and so I finished the app at home, what was very easy because the manual is very exact. I think instead of letting us do the manual step by step it could have been more useful, if you – the professionals – have showed some of these topics mentioned above or things like the accelerometer or GPS, because the rest of the manual must have been done at home either way :-) Anyway, for me it was ok, I learned a lot of things… Thanks!

  2. Sascha Corti says :

    Thanks for the feedback! We try to cover as many topics as possible at TechTalks and really “be there to help” on Hands-On Lab events. If you sign up with the MSDN Newsletter ( you will be informed when we host other, more informative type events.

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