Windows Live friend-request spam is getting crazier by the day.

Today’s request of spammers on Windows Live.


It’s getting crazier by the day. I hope we are able to block this soon.

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3 responses to “Windows Live friend-request spam is getting crazier by the day.”

  1. EC_23 says :

    i thought i was the only one, everytime i get on my computer i get like 10 new live friend request, its getting pretty annoying

  2. Sascha Corti says :

    You are not alone :) I hope this changes soon, I use this as my primary email service.

  3. Anonymous says :

    yeah it’s getting increasingly ridiculous for sure, even over the past week i’ve noticed an increase of “get your degree” and “i’m not wearing any panties” “friend” requests…. i really hope they figure out a way to filter out this nonsense, sometimes i get upwards of 20 a day.

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