Brandon Watson’s advice regarding Windows Phone 7 Developer Devices

Ways To Get Noticed By The Windows Phone 7 Team

1) Get the tools and start building apps – asking for a phone
without any kind of app development in place is not going to get it done. 
If you need ideas, go to our site where customers are posting app ideas for apps they
.  As of this writing, there’s almost 1,000 app ideas up

2) Blog about your development
progress.  Screenshots and videos help a lot.  So do tips and tricks
on how to do amazing things on the platform.  The important thing here is
to share what you know with the rest of the community.  Those who share are
engendering much love from us.

3) Tag your posts with “Windows Phone 7
Development” or “wp7dev” so that we, and other developers, can find

3) Build something which extends the
platform and can be used by other developers.  Being developer friendly is
top form.

4) Post videos of your app running in the
emulator to youtube.

5) Register in the Windows Phone Marketplace
When we know your Marketplace ID, it’s a lot easier to find you and get you a
phone.  Besides, to unlock your developer device, you are going to have to
register anyway, so might as well get it out of the way now.

Brandon ended up getting many requests from developers for Windows Phone 7 developer devices after TechEd 2010 USA. It’s great to see so many developers eager to try the new platform and the post holds many interesting insight, besides the list above. A highly recommended read!

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