Updated SilverlightCamPresenter Version with proper Error Handling and more Scaling options.

If you have looked at the SilverlightCamPresenter solution I posted earlier, you might be interested in the update version of the Silverlight solution that now does proper error handling if you are trying to start a stream without a camera selected and supports all four scaling settings possible: None, Uniform, Uniform to Fill and Fill.

To install the Out-Of-Browser application, extract the Zip file, open the file Silverlight4CamPresenterBinReleaseSilverlight4CamPresenterTestPage.htm and in the browser window, right click anywhere in the Silverlight application and select “Install Silverlight4CamPresenter onto this computer…”.


You can then choose where to place the app’s icon (Start Menu, Desktop) and start it right from there as Out-Of-Browser app.


To uninstall, simply start the application and right-click it again, choosing the “uninstall” option. It will be removed from your system without a trace.

Download this file

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