Done writing the Windows Phone 7 Developer Hands-On Lab Manual for June 29 in Zürich.


Done! I finished writing the hands-on lab manual for the Windows Phone 7 instructor-assisted, self-paced Hands-On Lab held on June 29 at Microsoft in Zürich.

The 99 pages lab manual will guide developers through creating a Windows Phone 7 “Hub” style application using the panorama control that consists of an RSS reader, a photo browser – which shows how to add the WrapPanel control from the Silverlight 4 Controls Toolkit to a Windows Phone 7 project – and a weather forecast that is fed via the new, cloud based Windows Phone 7 push notification services.

The screenshot shows an impression of the running application, including the custom WCF client that is used to send the weather information through the push notification services down to the phone.

If you are interested in attending the free, half-day hands-on lab on June 29, 09:15 – 12:15 or 13:15 – 16:15, you can sign up at

If you can’t attend, you will be able to download the entire lab after June 29 via the link above.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 29th!

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